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First Aid at Work Level 3 is an intensive training course focused on equipping individuals with advanced skills to effectively respond to workplace emergencies.

Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 is a crucial training course that provides essential skills for responding effectively to workplace emergencies.

Activity First Aid is tailored training for responding to emergencies encountered during outdoor activities.

First Aid Risk Assessment evaluates potential hazards to ensure safety and preparedness in any environment.

CPR & AED training teaches life-saving techniques for responding to cardiac emergencies.

BLS and AED training teach essential skills for responding to cardiac emergencies, including CPR and proper AED usage.

Oxygen Therapy Administration delivers supplemental oxygen to individuals to enhance oxygen levels and alleviate respiratory distress.

Immediate management of anaphylaxis requires recognizing symptoms and administering epinephrine promptly to alleviate severe allergic reactions.

Annual refreshers are brief training sessions aimed at updating and reinforcing previously learned skills, ensuring individuals stay proficient in their respective fields, such as first aid or medical training.

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